Marriage of Alexander Barreau and Eliz Cath Hamilton

Well, after all my plans to organise and sort my current research, what do I do?, more surfing the net for any family history research.  It’s a trap I fall into so often.

Anyway, this time I actually found something new, and it was gold.  Can’t believe it, and not sure how it even happened.  Well, yeah, I got one of those endless emails from one of the genie websites, this one Find My Past, so I went on to it and seached, again, for Alexander Barreau.  Who knows, one day we may find his origins.

Anyway, I DID find this; the marriage of AB and Elizabeth Catherine Hamilton!  Yes!  We had never been able to find that and were thinking, in our late 20th century midset, that the two never married.  But they did.  The secret behind the difficulty in finding the record?  They married in Singapore.

Whew!  The records were the British Marriages Overseas index and can also be found on Family Search.  They are only new indexes (indices?) and have been uploaded only in 2011.  Justification for constantly going over the same ground!  LOL.

For details on the record go to the Barreau pages on my website.

They married in 1845 and were in SA (back in SA for Eliz) in 1847, it would seem, as their first child was born in SA (I think).


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