Photos of ancestors – Barreau and Hamilton – at SASL

I was contacted by the SA State Library recently, with some information on some old photos they have. They are photos of ‘Old Colonists’, ie, the first European settlers in SA. The list they spoke of is of women, and among the photos are two photos of ancestors of mine.

The first photo is of Elizabeth Barreau (nee Hamilton). She married Alexander Barreau in 1845.

Elizabeth came from England (Kent) to SA in 1837 with her parents Richard Hamilton and Ann Hamilton (nee Holmes). The second photo is of Ann Hamilton.

The photos were taken in the 1870s.



Here is a link to the page at the SASL (South Australia State Library) that has all the photos of the ‘Old Colonists’.

Check the Hamilton page for more information.


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2 Responses to Photos of ancestors – Barreau and Hamilton – at SASL

  1. Hi Eireen Thanks for that. I did click the link but I could not see the pictures of both of the Hamilton ladies on the website, only Ann. Lots of other ladies but not Elizabeth on the page which automatically came up which was P13. And incidentallyt Elizabeth doesn’t look like her brothers e.g. Henry. Do you think she looks like Ann? The Hamiltons over some generations had what I call the Hamilton look: it was high cheek bones

    Did you know that before Elizabeth married Mr Darreau, she married Henry Nell an early colonist. I realize you are descended from the Darreau connection, but were there any children from her union with Henry Nell? And when would have Eiizabeth and the Darreau’s emigrated to Victoria?

    Kind Regards

    Richard Dr Richard Hamilton MBBS, FRACS Plastic Surgeon 470 Goodwood Road Cumberland Park ADELAIDE Australia 5041 tel: +61 8 8272 6666 fax: +61 8 8373 3853 mob: 0408 818 222 web:

    • eirenehogan says:

      Hello, great to meet a Richard Hamilton who is, I assume, a descendant of Richard Hamilton and Ann Holmes.
      I have added some extra links so you can find the picture of Elizabeth. Yes, the page I linked to was of Ann. Elizabeth is on an earlier page as they are listed alphabetically according to their surname, which for Elizabeth is listed as Barreau.
      For more information on Elizabeth you can look at my page on the Hamiltons, it talks of Elizabeth’s earlier marrige to Henry Nell. I have now added a link to that page on the post, and of course there are links in the navigation bar.
      I don’t know of all the Barreau descendants. There could well be some in Victoria, but I don’t have the info. There are plenty of them in Adelaide. I live in Victoria myself, but my father was a Dawson (his mother was a Barreau), and he left SA as a young adult with his family and moved to NSW. Like many families, we are all spreading out around this vast continent.
      Nice to hear from you. 🙂

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