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The information on this site has been prepared by Irene Dawson.  I have a degree in history, and have been researching my family history since 1995.

The information is introductory.  Any family members or genealogists who would like more detailed information, or who would like to contribute and share information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I can be contacted either via: email
Or postal address: PO Box 7, Bacchus Marsh.  Vic  3340.  Australia

For information on the family history of the Elijah Dawson line
Contact V.Williams

For information on the Hamilton family
Go to: Hamilton Family History Blog

Find more information West family history at these sites:
Our Navy: West’s Family


If anyone wishes to add comments on anything in the website, or on the Dawson family history, please feel free to do so below.


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  1. steve says:

    I recently acquired a G West and sons photograph of a sailing boat, to me it looks quite collectable
    Is there much interest in their photography

    • eirenehogan says:

      Wow, that’s great. Where did you get it? I do know of two people who would be interested in the photo, they are both descendants of the Wests and are collecting their photos. I will contact them and let you know what they say.

  2. David Clover says:

    Without seeing a picture of the picture it’s hard to say. Is there an ’embossed’ stamp in one corner with the photographer’s name on it? Is it framed? Is there anything written on the back? What is the general condition? Would be useful to know.

  3. Sonja Cooper (nee Dawson) says:

    Hi all, My name is Sonja, My fathers Name was Mervyn John Dawson and his Father was Reginald Dawson from Northam in West Australia.Reginald married Eileen May Simmonds (or Simmons)of Tasmania but lived all there lives in Northam where he died. I am trying to find any info on this Dawson line. Through searching I have found an Elijah Dawson married to a Wilhemima Wilkerson. Together they had I believe at least 10 children one of them a Reginald George in Northam. I am wondering if this is my line of Dawsons. I also noted through searching that 2 of the children out of the 10 listed did not have names and I am wondering if this is Reginalds twin Harold and another brother Allan.I seem to be having a hard time filling in these gaps. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sonja Cooper (nee Dawson) says:

      Sorry, I have confused my self and probably you now. I have the right names but the wrong marriage. The line is Elijah Sr with Ann Wakeham – their son Elijah Jr with Elizabeth Betts and then their son Alfred (who is with Wilhemima Wilkerson)….this is where i got confused earlier. Please bare with me. Its Alfred which has a son Reginald and Im trying to piece together if my Grandfather is that Reginald. I hope that made more sense? Once again sorry for the confusion (I’m only new at this) I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. eirenehogan says:

    Hi Sonja, thank you for the query. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about the Elijah branch, so I recommend you contact V. Williams. I have added a link to contact her above in this page. She is in WA and knows just about everything to know about Elijah, and if she doesn’t, she will happily find out.

    I don’t know just how new you are to this game, so excuse me if what I tell you is something you have already done, but my first step with trying to find if your Reginald is the other Reginald is to find his details via birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificates. They will list parents, spouses, and sometimes children (on death certificates). Once you get the parents names you can then search for their certificates, and so on backwards to as long as the records last. Best place to find them is at the WA birth deaths marriages registry (online), or via your local or state library. You could also try online via such sites as, especially to search for UK records etc.

    Another very interesting site is TROVE (, which is an online newspaper site. It has many historical newspapers digitised and you can search it online for free. You may find some obituaries, birth and marriage notices, and if you are lucky some interesting newspaper articles on your ancestors, which help wonderfully to flesh out the story of their lives.

    Good luck. If you do find a link please do let us know.


  5. Sonja Cooper (nee Dawson) says:

    Thank you.

  6. Eddie Ward says:

    I am searching for descendants of James Hamilton born circa 1899, Mossvill, Eden, Dowros, Rosbeg, Co Donegal, Ireland. Was a member of the police in Malaysia, Nephew Noel Murrin, died there? James sister Mary had a daughter Ruth perhaps Brook.
    If anyone has any information, please contact me. at

  7. Margaret Hancock says:

    Interested to see the name Dawson and also Johnson listed in your family.
    My grandfather, Joseph Hitch (Pinda/Wilmington) remarried a Augusta Clara Harriet (Dawson).
    I have included the information I have below. I would be pleased to hear if you know of this family.
    The Johnson family Mark William Johnson married Sarah Hitch a daughter of Joseph. I know they had sons who farmed around Pt Lincoln.
    1905 68/95
    Married 12 August 1905 In the residence of the Bridegroom Joseph Hitch
    Groom Joseph HITCH 73 Widower
    Occ. Farmer Residence at time of marriage Pinda
    Father John Hitch
    Bride Augusta Harriett Clara DAWSON 54 Widow
    Residence at time of marriage Port Lincoln
    Father Edward SHUBARD
    Charlottie Maude Farnham Pinda
    Eliza Metcalf Pinda
    Thomas Weatherall
    Registered 12 August 1905

    1924 292
    Died 18 July 1924 at Wilmington
    Augusta Harriett Clara HITCH 73yrs
    Widow of late Joseph Hitch Farmer Pinda
    Usual Residence Wilmington
    Born Hamburg Germany in Colony 71yrs
    Married age 54yrs
    Children Living 2M 3F
    Cause Pneumonia, chronic nephritis, morbus cardis
    Informant H W Gasmier Undertaker Wilmington
    Registered 26 July 1924
    Many thanks
    Margaret Hancock
    Wilmington, SA.

  8. eirenehogan says:

    Interesting to hear of the links to Eyre Peninsula. I can’t see any connection to my Dawson family, but it would be interesting to see if any do surface.


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