Dawson Family History


Father: Edward Dawson
Married: Clara Bertha Barreau

Cyril Dawson was born in Fareham, Hampshire, England, the child of Edward Dawson and Maria (West).

Cyril was 12 when his family emigrated from the UK to South Australia in 1904. Initially they settled in Adelaide but soon to the rural districts. In his early 20s Cyril began working on farms in the Eyre Peninsula district.

He married Clara Bertha Barreau.  Clara came from an old Adelaide family (Hamilton).  Cyril and Clara established a farm in Eyre Peninsula.

Cyril died in Port Lincoln, South Australia, in 1970, aged 78.

Father:  John Hughes Dawson
Married:  Maria Louisa West
Son: Cyril Dawson

Edward was born in the mid 19th century and grew up in a small town in Cornwall, UK.  His father had come from a farming family in Kent, but had taken up work in domestic service and moved away from Kent.

By the time Edward was twelve the family had moved from Cornwall into his mother’s home town of Exeter in Devon.

Initially Edward worked in a bank, but soon turned to the new art of photography. By the 1880s he was living in Hampshire and working as a photographer with George West.  He married George’s daughter, Maria.

In 1904 Edward and his family moved away from the bustling world of industrial 19th century Britain and out to the colony of South Australia.  Edward initially worked in Adelaide, but in the 1920s moved with his son, Cyril, out to the farmlands of Eyre Peninsula.

Edward died aged 95.

Children:  Hubert, Cyril, Phyllis.

Father: Richard Dawson (V)
Married: Sarah Ann Pepperel
Son: Edward Dawson

John Hughes Dawson was a small town boy, born in the early 19th centiry in the parish of Monkton and growing up in Reculver, a small town in the Isle of Thanet, in the far eastern corner of Kent.

He was descended from a long line of Dawsons all living near very small towns in the Isle of Thanet.  His father worked as an agricultural labourer.  The Dawsons had lived in this district since the 1500s.  Chances are they were in agricultural work all this time, either as tenant farmers – working on land owned by a rich landlord – or as yeoman farmers – working and owning their own small farms – or as independent agricultural labourers working for wages.

As an adult John left Kent and the agricultural work of his family and entered domestic service.  With the industrial revolution of the early 19th century there was enormous economic change in rural England and the days of the days of the tenant farmers and intensive agriculture were ending.  There were a lot of unemployment problems in rural England at the time.

John eventually rose to the role of butler in quite a large estate.  He married Sarah Ann Pepperel, a girl from Exeter, Devon.  They lived in a small village in Cornwall for some time but moved to Sarah’s home town of Exeter later in life and retired there.  John died at the end of the 19th century, aged 78.

Children:  Huburt, Osmond (died in infancy), Ellen, Harriet, Edward, Emilie, Elizabeth

Born late 1700s
Father: Richard Dawson (IV)
Married: Elizabeth Fox
Son: John Hughes Dawson

Richard was born in Birchington, Kent, on the Isle of Thanet.  He worked as an agricultural labourer. He appears to have moved around a bit, so perhaps was working for wages and not as a tenant farmer.  He lived for sometime in or near Minster, Thanet, Kent.

Richard married Elizabeth Fox.

Children: Richard, William, Elizabeth, {child dying in infancy}, Stephen, John Hughes.

Born mid 1700s
Parents:  Richard Dawson (III) and Elizabeth Forbister.
Married: Ann Hughes
Child: Richard Dawson (V)

Richard’s father was Richard Dawson (III) and his mother was Elizabeth Forbister.  His parents never married.

Richard spent his adult life near Birchington, Kent.  He married Ann Hughes and had nine children, including a son also called Richard Dawson (V).

Another son, named Elijah, immigrated to Western Australia in 1830 when that colony was first established.  Descendents of his are scattered about Western Australia.

In old age Richard lived in or near Minster, Kent.  He died at age 73.

Children: Sarah, Richard, Mary, William John, Stephen, Thomas, Elijah, Edmond.

Born early 1700s
Father:  Richard Dawson (II)
Son: Richard Dawson (IV)

Richard Dawson (III) was born in 1740.  In adulthood he lived near Birchington, Kent.  Richard married Elizabeth Shoemaker.  Together they had no children, but Richard had earlier had a son with Elizabeth Forbister.  They never married.  Their son was also known as Richard (IV).

Children:  Richard (IV)





4 Responses to Dawson

  1. ann haddow says:

    there are many other dawsons who appear to be connected with your family, some of them came from essex and norfolk, many of them Lincoln, lots came from scotland, lived in manchester, cheshire, and other parts of manchester, and the lake district, all england. you have a long way to go. Ann melville dawson.(manchester), and ireland. some were”watermen”

  2. eirenehogan says:

    Hello Ann, a fellow Dawson.

    I am not sure if you are referring to ancestors of my family, or simply the surname of ‘Dawson’ itself. This website is about the Dawsons in my family history. It is not a name site only about the Dawson name itself.

    Research into my line has gone back to the 1500s and to the Cumberland area. They moved from Cumberland to Kent during this period, at the time of Henry VIII and the dissolution of the monasteries.

    If you do know of links to my family in the regions you mentioned, I would be only too happy to hear about them.

  3. Damian Gilbert says:

    Hi there,
    It is interesting the Dawson’s also ended up in Adelaide via Port Lincoln. I am related a far way back on the line through a marriage of Mary Dawson and Thomas Terry on the 26 Dec 1713 in Margate, Kent. I too have run into the bizarre link “perhaps” to the royalty. It’s strange how the Dawson’s ended up in SA as my link is through my father Geoff Gilbert from Stawell, Victoria. The closest ancestor to the Dawson line being a Sarah Chilman who married Angus Millar.

    • eirenehogan says:

      Hi Damian, nice to meet you. Do you know who Mary Dawson’s parents were? As she is born in Margate it sounds as if she is connected to my family in some way. I’d love to find the connection. So your family immigrated to Victoria? If we are connected, great to find more of the extended family in Australia. If you would like you can contact me direct by emailing me – you can find the email address on the “Contact” button in the top navigation bar. I look forward to hearing from you.

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