There are some other genealogical researchers who have linked Richard (I) with other Dawsons.  They have a wife for him and other children, and also ancestors.  However, I do not know if this connection is correct or not as it has not been confirmed.

My source for the following is: Margaret Moore, Margaret’s Mob2 – ancestry.com, and Brown Family, anneagles32 – ancestry.com.  However there are several other trees as well. I can’t find any documentary sources to back these up as yet.

These researchers have RD(I) as the son of John Dawson (II) and Ann Moverley, born in 1740, and presumably his mother dying in childbirth.  Well, she died in 1740 anyway.

However there are other trees that follow this same line, but have the son of JD(II) and AM as Richard Dawson born in 1736.  In turn he is married to Sarah Marshall with several children one who is also called ‘Richard Dawson’.

Some researchers join these two different Richard Dawsons in various ways, either by including RD(I)’s illegitimate son (Richard Dawson (II) as Sarah’s son, or by having him born separately, and also by having RD(I) either born in 1740 or 1736.

Here are the details:

John Dawson (II)

b. 18 July 1703, Thanet, Kent
d. 26 July 1703, St Lawrence, Kent
m.(1) 1731 to Ann Moverley (b. 1710 d. 1740, Thanet, Kent)[1]
(II) 1746 Rebecca Langbridge (b. June 1720 d. Jan Kent, 1800 Thanet, Kent[2])

John Dawson 1732-1740
Ann Dawson 1733-1760
John Dawson 1740-1740 (more likely to be the baby where Ann Moverley died)
Richard Dawson 1740 or 1736.

John Dawsons (II)’s father is (although others have listed a different father: Nicholas Dawson):

John Dawson (I)

b. 1677, Thanet, Kent.
d. 1771, Thanet, Kent.
m. Jane Goatly. 18 Oct, 1702, Thanet, Kent.

John Dawson (II) 1703-1773
Jane Dawson 1708-1756.

[1]Margaret Moore, Margaret’s Mob2 – ancestry.com

[2] anneagles32,  Brown Family,  – ancestry.com


written: 11 Aug 2010 by IA Dawson


3 Responses to A WRONG TURN?

  1. Roger Barber says:

    I am currently researching the Dawson and Constable families of ST Lawrence & St John Thanet. My link is to John Dawson & Sarah Ann Constable. The Dawsons appear to tie up to Roger Dawson bapt. 30 Jun 1556 & Katherine Witt.
    I have traced my line back to John Dawson who married Joan or Jane Goatly in 1702, but cannot find his baptism. Any information ou may have would be appreciated.

    • eirenehogan says:

      Hi Roger, thanks for your comment. This website is new so I am thrilled to have received my first comment.

      Unfortunately I don’t have any documentary details on John Dawson and Jane Goatly. I have found all of my information through other people’s family trees on ancestry and rootsweb and other sites. It seems many people have connections with this John Dawson but I haven’t seen any references to any documents as yet. Somebody must have some somewhere.

      On these sites it does say JD was born in 1681 (that came from a tree on ancestry.com called Margaret’s Mob2), but no documentary evidence is given.

      In those family trees there seem to be a lot of mix ups – most probably due to the lack of documentary evidence. People must see it printed in someone else’s tree and therefore believe it to be “true”. A lot of people say my Richard Dawson (b.1740) was the son of John Dawson (b.1703, m. Ann Moverley), who in turn is the son of the JD you mentioned (b.1681, m. Jane Goatly). But I don’t believe he is connected. JD(1703) does appear to have a son called Richard Dawson, but he was born in 1736 and married Sarah Marshall. Some family trees have all sorts of mix ups with these two families and have no documentary evidence.

      If you are connected with JD (b.1681) are you also connected with his son John Dawson (b.1703)? If so, do you have any documentary evidence for him and HIS son Richard Dawson (b.1736)?

      As these Dawsons are born in the Thanet area of Kent, I don’t doubt they are all related in some way – it would be great to tease them all out and find out how they are all related.

      I had no knowledge of all these Kent Dawsons until a few weeks ago. I only knew of my ancestor, John Hughes Dawson, born in 1815, who worked in Cornwall in the mid 19th century, so I was completely on the wrong track. JHDawson’s son, Edward, immigrated to Australia in 1905.

      If you do find any connections, please let me know.


    • eirenehogan says:

      I have now found a connection with Roger Dawson and Katherine Witt. So hopefully there is a link somewhere, if we can find it.


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