Earlier Ancestors

Earlier Ancestors


The ancestors of the Dawsons have been researched with documentary evidence up to Richard Dawson (III) who was born in 1740 in Kent.  By documentary evidence I mean such things as birth, death and marriage records from government or church records.

There has been evidence found for the line continuing back to Roger Dawson (I) who was born in 1531.   However we have not as yet been able to confirm these links with documents.  That is because by these dates documents need to be found from local sources, not centralised government or church sources, and often these are lost, if even recorded at all, which means the links may never be proven.


As I have very little details of these ancestors’ individual lives, I will outline the historical era they lived in. It is interesting to think of a member of our family living in these periods.


Rather than starting from our oldest ancestor I have listed them starting from the more recent to the oldest.  That is, from the father of Richard III.


Born 1712.

Born end of Queen Anne’s reign and just before George I

Father: Richard (I)  Married: Elizabeth Shoemaker.
Children: Richard (III)

Born 1680.

End of reign of Charles II.

Father: Nicholas (II)  Married: Margaret Wells.
Children:  Richard (II), Margaret, John.



Born during the upheaval of the English Civil War.  He was born in the middle of the Protectorate period of Oliver Cromwell.  Just six years earlier, in 1649, Charles I had been defeated and executed by the British Parliament.  Nicholas’ wife, Ann Daniels, was born five years after Nicholas, in 1660.  This was the year of the ‘Restoration’ when Charles II took the throne, bringing to an end eleven years of Britain with no monarch.

Nicholas died aged 74.

Father: Nicholas (I).  Married: Ann Daniels.
Children: Richard (I), John, Ann, Mary, Nicholas, Thomas.


Born 1617, baptized 1620.

Born at the end of the reign of James I.

Father: Nicholas (I).  Married: Elizabeth Meakin.

Children: Richard, Elizabeth, Nicholas (II), John.


Born 1588, during the long reign of Elizabeth I.
Died aged 32, just one year after his father.

Father:Roger (II). Married: Ellen Foate.
Children: Joanne, Nicholas(I)



Born in the middle of the reign of Mary I, a violent time when there were fierce political battles between the Protestants and the Catholics in England.

He died aged 60.

Father: Roger (I).  Married: Katherine Witt.
Children: Nicholas, Elizabeth, Agnes, George, Edward, Henry, Roger, William.


Born during the reign of Henry VIII.

Roger was born in Penrith, in Cumbria, in the Lake District of England.  He married Margaret Lothrop of Yorkshire.  This is a long way from Kent, however his children were born in Kent and he died in Kent, so he must have moved to Kent as a young adult, thus beginning our line of Dawsons living in Thanet, Kent, for fifteen generations over four centuries.  He died aged 70.

Father: unknown.  Married: Margaret Lothrop
Children: Roger (II)


8 Responses to Earlier Ancestors

  1. steve poole says:

    hi Irene,my name is steve poole from the gold coast australia.i’m having trouble finding my grandfather Charles Henry Hardy’s wife Eizabeth lydia Dawson bn 23-nov-1843.m.23-may-1863.in Kapunda sth australia died 26-june1924.in Adelaide, sth australia.do you know if Elizabeth was tied up with your lot,or,a different Dawson family.any info would help.
    your’s faithfully steve poole,cheers.

  2. eirenehogan says:

    Hi Steve,
    You contacted me once before. I’m sorry I know nothing of your Dawson connection in SA. There is no Elizabeth Dawson directly connected to my family for that date. My Dawsons came to SA in 1905 from Hampshire in UK. A generation before that they were in Devon and Cornwall, but the generation before again they were in Kent. There are a lot of Dawsons in Kent. My family were in Kent from the 15th C. Before that they were in Cumbria and married into a family from Yorkshire. There are many many Dawsons in Yorkshire. I’d search British records in Kent and Yorkshire. Or maybe contact either Gillian D, or Val W. Their email address is listed under ‘Sources’ in this website.
    You could try the Biographical Index of SA. It may list your ancestor and give some clues. The index is not overly accurate as it lists a lot of oral history, but at least it could be a start. You can find it in many genie societies or libraries. But then again, maybe you have already been there and done that. 🙂
    Good luck with your searching.

  3. Kevin Gordon Richard Williams says:

    Hi, We are born and bred in South Africa. I am busy looking for the ancestors to my grand father side. We have been told it is in the Dawson family line coming from Norway. Now, my grand father’s name was Williams John Joseph Williams ( Dawson). He was apparently adopted by the Williams family in South Africa. I hope someone can shed some light on this. I am on Facebook – Kevin Kevuvu Williams. I can pass on some pictures FROM. F.Y.I as well. Thanks for making this possible. I have been planning to register on My family tree com but was not sure if it would be waste of money

  4. eirenehogan says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Sorry I don’t have any information on any Dawsons connected with Norway. How old would the connection be?

    I would recommend connecting with an online genealogy site such as Find My Past, My Heritage or Ancestry. They are great places to connect with other researchers on connected lines to your family and there are lots of sources for research.

  5. Sharon Kongras says:

    Hi Irene,
    In your research, have you read anything about Elijah Dawson or his son George fathering a child with an aboriginal woman named Rebecca? On my great great granny’s birth certificate it lists a George Dawson and we know she worked at Wonnerup and Vasse with the Dawson family. We have heard rumours the father might have been Elijah and George was just covering.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated – skongras@hotmail.com.
    Thank you.

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