Alfred John West

Early Filmmaker Alfred John West was an early, and very successful,  pioneer in moving pictures in Britain. George West’s youngest son, Alfred John West, extended the photography craft into the

Alfred John West

Alfred John West, from Our Navy website

new silent movies, (developed in the late 1890s).  Alfred John made ‘kinema’ films, which were silent movies with sound effects.  He made a movie called Our Navy which became popular in London.  At one time he was requested to give a command performance of his films to Queen Victoria and Prince Edward.  He and his brother Edward took Our Navy to Sydney in 1913, and travelled through-out the countryside of NSW with ‘West’s Our Navy Exhibition’. While in Australia Alfred visited his sister, Maria, and her husband Edward Dawson, meeting in Adelaide.  Alfred had at least one son, Fred, who lived in Western Australia and Alfred spent some time with him. More information on him can be found on the Our Navy website, which is dedicated to Alfred John West and his kinema films, made by David Clover, who is a direct descendant of Alfred John West, and my third cousin. On this site you will also find family history information, on the West’s Family page. David also has an entry on Alfred John West in Wikipedia.  He has also provided a link to Alfred’s obituary.

AJ West in mock 18th Century costume G.West & Son Gosport

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updated: June 2014


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