Today is the birthday of John Holmes Barreau, son of Alexander Barreau and Elizabeth Hamilton.  Born 1863.


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John Hughes Dawson – Butler

Thanks to the census records we know who is was that John Hughes Dawson worked for.

In 1881 John Hughes Dawson was working as a butler at No 16 Cecily Hill, Cirencester.  The owner of house was Mr Charles AR Hoare, banker aged 33.  John Hughes was aged 66.

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Error on Richard Dawson (III) page

On looking through my website here I noticed some errors I had made for Richard Dawson III, where I said he had married Elizabeth Shumacher.  Elizabeth was his mother!  Eeek!  Sorry great x 5 grand-dad.  


So I have corrected that on his page.

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Elijah Dawson, long lost cousin.

My father would always tell me about how his father came to South Australia from the UK in the early 20th century.  He had married into an old line of settlers in SA so he was mockingly proud of his recent UK ancestry but also felt like the new kid on the block.

All my life I knew of this recent immigration, and knew just how many families in Australia carried the Dawson surname and would be related to me, and it was not many – it could be counted on one hand.  So if anyone came up with the name and suggested, ‘maybe you are related,’ I would know straight away if they were or not, and usually they were not.

But all that was to change just a couple of years ago, via internet connections.  I found that there had been an earlier branch of the Dawson clan that had arrived in Western Australia way back in deep colonial days, in 1830.  That is at the very beginning of that colony.  I was stunned, and very excited.  So, my Dawson family is not alone in Australia.

The Dawson who came to WA in 1830 was ELIJAH Dawson (great name, eh?  He was a son of Richard Dawson (IV) and Anne Hughes , younger brother to Richard (V).  That makes him John Hughes (II) Dawson’s uncle.  That is, he is uncle to MY John Hughes, of course Elijah had a brother called John Hughes too.  Whew, this constant repetition of names can be confusing – however, it can also be useful in research, as the repeated name means a family link.  Which makes me wonder why they came up with the name ‘Elijah’?  Maybe they were running out of names, as Elijah was, I believe, the eighth son of Richard and Anne.

Elijah had been in the Napoleonic wars.  (Maybe he fought along side the Prussian Kaiser Alexander Grenadier regiment, with my other ancestor, Carl Schaeche.)

There are a number of researchers into this much larger branch of the Dawson clan in Australia.  I have added some of their information to my website, you can go to this page to find that info and links to the researchers involved.

So, this just shows the benefit of family history research in re-connecting disparate family branches.  I am very happy to get to know my many distant cousins in WA.

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Earl of Portarlington?

There was an old family story told that the Dawson family was not originally English, but that John Hughes Dawson’s family came to Cornwall from Ireland.  There was a family legend that they were descended from an Earl of Portarlington.  Portarlington is just west of Dublin, in country Laois, in modern Eire.

The Earl of Portarlington was indeed a John Dawson, who was already the 2nd Viscount Carlow.  The title was created in 1785 for him.  He had previously represented Portarlington in the Irish House of Commons.

He was the son of  William Dawson, who had represented Portarlington and Queen’s County in the Irish House of Commons, and had been created Baron Dawson, of  Dawson’s Court in the Queen’s County, in 1770, and Viscount Carlow, in the County of Carlow, in 1776.

All of this information I found in Wikipedia.

Our John Dawson was born in Kent to Richard Dawson, who was also born in Kent, for generations before, as this family history shows.  They seem to come from a long line of English peasant farmers and agricultural labourers.   So it doesn’t appear at all that there is any truth to this claim to aristocracy.

The only possible hint of perhaps something there, is the birth of Richard Dawson (IV), illegitmate son of Richard Dawson (III) and Elizabeth Forbister, in 1763.

I suspect the story was told by a butler (John Hughes Dawson) to his children, who in turn continued it down to their children, especially once they were living in a small isolated pioneering community on the other side of the world.

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Alexander Barreau and father

OK, one more piece of gold found from the marriage index of AB and his wife ECH.  Alexander’s father is named.  Wow.  They ask for the grooms father’s name and it is given.

Wait for it, here it is … Alexander.

Yep, his father is also called Alexander Barreau.  Well, that is really helpful.

Anyway, very nice to know, and we can add it to our family trees.  Of course it may be a clerical error, where they actually put the groom’s name, not his father’s name.  Who would know?

All we can do is go with it.

So we now have AB (I) and AB (II).

It is what we genies live for, finding one extra piece of info on our ancestors.  🙂

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Marriage of Alexander Barreau and Eliz Cath Hamilton

Well, after all my plans to organise and sort my current research, what do I do?, more surfing the net for any family history research.  It’s a trap I fall into so often.

Anyway, this time I actually found something new, and it was gold.  Can’t believe it, and not sure how it even happened.  Well, yeah, I got one of those endless emails from one of the genie websites, this one Find My Past, so I went on to it and seached, again, for Alexander Barreau.  Who knows, one day we may find his origins.

Anyway, I DID find this; the marriage of AB and Elizabeth Catherine Hamilton!  Yes!  We had never been able to find that and were thinking, in our late 20th century midset, that the two never married.  But they did.  The secret behind the difficulty in finding the record?  They married in Singapore.

Whew!  The records were the British Marriages Overseas index and can also be found on Family Search.  They are only new indexes (indices?) and have been uploaded only in 2011.  Justification for constantly going over the same ground!  LOL.

For details on the record go to the Barreau pages on my website.

They married in 1845 and were in SA (back in SA for Eliz) in 1847, it would seem, as their first child was born in SA (I think).

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Sorting my info

I have recently began to travel to a nearby town regularly to take my son to school.  On some days, instead of going back home I have gone into the town and spent time in the library doing some family history research.  They have a good genie society there with a lot of old fashioned microfiche.

But as I sit down to look at the fiche I find myself, yet again, searching the same old things.  My family history notes are so unorganised that I don’t know what I have and have not researched, so I just keep doing the same searches over and over again.

So I have decided to try and actually organise them!  And so far I am doing it the old fashioned way, by hand recording them in books!  That way I can take the books with me where ever I go.

(I wish the web didn’t format word processing so when you put in a new line by hand it automatically  made it a new paragraph!!)

So I bought two books, one for each line (paternal and maternal) and began to make a double page for each person in my direct line (on page for info, one page to record sources).  Lo and behold I found, instead of masses of folders and boxes to record all the info, all I needed, so far, has been those two books.

So I am now going to slowly go through all my folders and boxes and collate all I have found.

As I do it I will upload the collated info.

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Welcome to new member

I’d like to welcome the new member to this site.  Thanks for signing up.  If you have any content you would like to share, or queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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New research on Pepperels

A genealogist correspondent of mine is currently researching into the Pepperels.  She is in the UK so is doing some direct research at the parishes.  So hopefully I’ll get more information soon.

I may have had some errors in my previous work; that had been done in the 90s using the old microfiche at LDS centres.  Back in the dark ages.

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