Much of my information has come from other members of the extended family and their research.  Below I list these people with their emails or family site addresses.  They would be delighted to hear from any interested people.

Gillian Dean: for information on Dawsons in UK.  Email
Val Williams: for information on Dawsons in UK and Western Australia.  Email
Eric West: for information on Wests in UK and Canada
David Clover: for information on Wests in UK.  Our Navy website
Darryl Barreau: for information on Barreaus in Australia. Barreau Website
Doug Wilkie:  for information on Hamiltons in UK and Australia. Hamiltonfamilyhistory, Blogemail


I’ve been compiling research lists at the National Library of Australia ‘Trove’ website. Trove has digitised copies of Australian newspapers, and various other things as well.

It is a very easy to use.  You simply search the name and it finds articles where the name occurs.

I am compiling lists of newspaper articles I have found in South Australian newspapers under the various family groups.  They are listed below, simply click on them to get to the lists, which are housed at Trove.

Barreau of South Australia.