Nicholas Wood married Elizabeth Taylor 24 Aug 1749 at Sty Marys, Charlton, Devon.

child: Elizabeth.



By Irene Anne Dawson

(16 May 2015)


Elizabeth Wood is my great great great great grandmother.  She lived in the Georgian days, born during the reign of George III and dying during the brief reign of William IV, just before Victoria came to the throne.  Born in the Age of Enlightment when science and academic study was taking over from religion, and the parliament was gaining control of the monarchy.  The industrial revolution occurred during her life and she must have witnessed many changes as the quiet rural lifestyle of England changed to one dominated by large industrial cities.  During her life the USA rebelled against the rule of Britain, the French Revolution occurred and the Napoleonic Wars, and the distant colony of New South Wales, in Australia, was founded, the country to where some descendants of hers emigrated, and where I was born just over two hundred years after she was.

Elizabeth Wood was born in 1754 or 1755 as she was baptized in mid summer, on 24 June, 1755, at Charlton, which is near Kingsbridge in southern Devonshire, near the southern coast of England.[1]  This was during the Georgian period.  The King at the time was George III.

Elizabeth’s parents were Nicholas Wood and Elizabeth Taylor (no relation to the famous actress, as far as I know).

She married at the age of 22, to James Damerel, a local in the Devonshire area.  They married at West Alvington on Boxing Day, (26 December) 1777.[2]  Neither Elizabeth of James were literate as they signed their marriage certificate with a mark only.  A witness to there wedding was William Pepperel.  Their child Jemima was to marry into the Pepperel family.

Elizabeth and James had 9 children[3]:

  • Sarah bp 2 August 1778Charleton,
    • m William Pedrick
  • James bp 8 February 1782,
    • bur 1783 Charleton
  • John bp 1786Charleton,
    • m 4 May 1812 North Huish to Jane Beer (his second cousin)
  • William bp 3 March 1789 Charleton, m 8 August 1814 Stoke Damerel  Grace Crooks
  • Elizabeth Wood bLidstone, a small hamlet inCharleton parish
    • bp 20 February 1792 Charleton
    • m 21 October 1817 Kingsbridge       Andrew Quick, widower
  • Jemima bp 19 May 1793charleton, died 1869 Exeter
    • m 13 September 1818  West Alvington John Pepperell
    • witnesses  Robt. Pepperell,  N. Pepperell
  • Mary Ann bp 13 March1796 Charleton
  • Thomas bp 10 February 1799Charleton   died  1858 Exeter,
    • m 3 February 1822 Exeter, Holy Trinity  Grace Hern. witness John Pepperell
  • Grace b 1801Lidstone,Charleton   bur.10 Dec. 1884SouthMilton,
    • m 15 January 1822 Charleton     Thomas Lane

Elizabeth died in 1833 and was buried on the 9 October possibly at Dodbrooke.[4]



[1] Gillian Dean, unknown source.

[2] Gillian Dean, from marriage certificate.

[3] Gillian Dean, unknown source

[4] Gillian Dean, unknown source.


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