Richard Dawson (III)

(Possible Parents):  Richard Dawson (II) and Elizabeth Shoemaker.

Child: Richard Dawson (IV) (married Ann Hughes)



Richard Dawson (III) was born in 1740.  In adulthood he lived near Birchington, Kent.   Richard had a son with Elizabeth Forbister but they never married.  Their son was also known as Richard (IV).



In Kent, in the southern part of England, just opposite the English Channel and looking over to France, there are many Dawsons who have lived and died.  It appears to have been their home for many generations.


Richard was born in 1740.  His son was born near Birchington, Kent, but  I do not know where Richard himself was born.


In 1763 Elizabeth Forbister gave birth to a child, who was named Richard.  In the parish baptism record it was said that the child was born out of wedlock and the father’s name was ‘Richard Dawson’ (III).   Elizabeth never married Richard, but went on to marry Isaac Stead, widower, in 1765, only two years later, and had four more children at St Lawrence.

The child was born in Acol, a small village near Birchington, Kent.  Although he was given the name ‘Forbister’ in his birth record, he took on the name ‘Dawson’ and presumably was brought up in his father’s family, as would have been usual for the time.


I do not know when Richard died.


Good links
There has been some genealogical research which has found strong links to ancestors for Richard (III).  A summary of this connection is provided here.  However, this connection has not as it has not been confirmed.

Bad links
There are many other genealogists who have found many other links to Richard (III), they have a wife for him and various other ancestral links.  Many of these appear to be errors as the family lines do not match up.  Researching genealogy requires careful checking of original records, not just linking like names with like names.




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